Eighteen months ago, I founded Xipe in the glorious city of London, during which time I have researched and spoken hundreds of entrepreneurs and came to understand the constraints they face in the software creation. My team and I have designed a great model to boost software development for startups and companies.

The terrible monthly payment of your App

My goal with this article is to explain to the non-technical people the "hidden" cost of an App. (They are not hidden at all)

Sir Winston Churchill: Inspiration of the week

I like the Winston Churchill character, his personality, his methodology, and his courage. There is no room for doubt that without him the W

My experience in a consulting group

Today I experienced my first consulting group in a very particular modality. This group acts as a board for your company, all the people the

A.I. minimizing the change resistance negative effects

Last week one of our customers requested us to reduce the change resistance within their laboratory operators, we solved with a robot

WOW did you see that CRM they have! -No body Never

It’s time to become your company a SaaS no matter what you are selling everything can be sold with Tech.

Isambard Kindom Burnel: Inspiration of the week

Nowadays, he would be considered an entrepreneur focus to solve urban mobilization, and his solutions would be competing with Uber

Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.

Bill Gates
I am a geek, I can't deny it. I love Batman Universe

Even after the failures of DC with the universe, I keep hope about this movie