My History before Xipe

The long path before Xipe

5 de septiembre del 2019

A little of history before Xipe:

I started "coding" at the age of 10 back in 1993. I found my passion for technology using QBasic in a x486. Three years taler 1996, my mom paid me the only one programming course available in Hermosillo Visual Basic 6.0. (Not the most accurate for a 13 years old boy, it was boring)

In high school, I meet some guys who shared my enthusiasm for tech (some of them are still my best friends, greetings to Cesar)

In 1999 the internet arrived in our city, and a whole new world was revealed to me. Speaking with the correct people in the mIRC we discovered a primitive trojan named NetBus, and we hacked until teachers realize that we knew nothing about school subjects.

After rolling many schools and waste a lot of hours learning to code and playing starcraft, I decided to study  Computer Systemes Engineering at a local university.

In 2005 I founded my first company named PcFixers, and as you can imagine, we fixed a lot of computers, then we started to sell new computers. And for 2007 we were installing local networks for local business. In 2009 I left the company to follow my dream and started a web agency with some friends, we do a lot of Flash in those times.

2012 was a great year we built the first 100% Mexican payment method, and we sold it to a bank after four years of operations.

2014 I started working in Comulink a software development company, that works mostly for governments. I left the company in 2017 to build my own after a trip to London that inspired me deeply to build Xipe.

In 2018 still in beta the first large scale operation of Xipe came, we built over 15,000 websites for SMEs in México in a single year. Due to the nature of the contract (Government), I needed a company with demonstrable experience.  I raised some money from investors and bought Comulink the company where I worked before. That year was crazy, we had over 200 team members under different contracting schemas, around the country. That experience provides us a deep understanding, knowledge, and networking with the development community in México, something invaluable for our international goal.

During 2018 and 2019, I never forgot my dream to become a global company and boost the software development of startups around the world. My alpha team and I invested ten months speaking with CEOS, CTOS, Entrepreneurs, and business owners to understand their needs and challenges. Now we set the launching date of Xipe International for this October 31 of 2019.


I am eager to launch.

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