Fidelta my first Startup/FuckUp

FuckUp of the week: Fidelta

5 de septiembre del 2019

2013 I decided to create a part-time project a mobile app to allow small business to have loyalty programs just like the large chains or departmental stores.

After a few months of coding, my team delivered to me a great platform in .Net MVC, and the app was built in Cordova.

We invested a full year trying to make it work in the local environment without much success due to the difficulties to connect with all the point of sales software in the market. Some bars adopted our solution, and they gave us a lot of beer to say thank you, but only beer.

 I still have faith in that project. The new wave of cryptocurrencies give me a lot of ideas to rebuild that app. Using Xamarin or React Native with a new UX can work, but right now, I am focus to take Xipe to the international scene. 

The lesson learned here was named: Customer acquisition cost. We invest the double of the money in advertising and direct selling that in development, something unexpected for the inexperienced me six years ago.


Who knows, maybe next year. 

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Fidelta my first Startup/FuckUp


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